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  • UK and Mexico SMS Messages are now live!

    14/05/2022 - 5:00pm - You can now send SMS messages to the UK and Mexico!
    NOTE: All messages to Mexico only send from the number 43885, alpha tags (Friend, Santa, etc) won't be applied, replies from Mexico & the UK are not supposed at this stage.

    Latest Updates

    If you'd like any specific features (for you or your business), please contact us via the contact page.
    We'd love to build those features into the system for you!

    22/04/2022 - v2.0.0

    Added anonymous email sending with file attachments and reply facilities.

    Major re-write on large sections of the site, security improvements and various upgrades.

    19/01/2022 - v1.9.831

    Added new anonymous SMS names for Valentines Day messages.

    09/08/2021 - v1.9.68

    Added a new bonus credits system for SMS messages that aren't successfully delivered in credit packs, they're now automatically re-created for you.

    Added support for sending via our new Sa Shared number which allows SMS replies to be sent to your email.

    Major upgrades (more to come as well) for the content filtering system to help protect recipients from spam / unwanted contact.

    Minor visual improvements and better notifications, although with various minor bug fixes.

    Rebuilt the number validation system for improved compatibility with more countries.

    19/07/2021 - v1.9.5

    Set live the credit blocks feature for all customers (including guests) to use, offering better discounted rates for customers with volume messages to send.

    Finalised the MMS functionality which is live and working correctly.

    10/07/2021 - v1.9.31

    Added & set live the new anonymous MMS feature, still testing but looks to be working.

    23/06/2021 - v1.9.252

    Added support for sending SMS to New Zealand!

    MMS implementation is close to complete, a few minor issues to resolve but coming shortly!

    Added SMS delivery reports tool to add an address after an SMS has been sent (for delayed delivery SMS notifications).

    We hope to be able to support SMS replies shortly, a few more things to work out for that feature.

    12/06/2021 - v1.9.1

    Today we added support for sending anonymous SMS text messages to the UK! More destinations coming soon...

    09/06/2021 - v1.9.08

    The sender name now has a range of options available to use, in addition to the default "SendAnon".

    Custom send names are still available for our business customers, some more big upgrades coming shortly!

    25/05/2021 - v1.8.45

    A lot of new improvements lately with visual upgrades and a cleaner interface (still more to be done), added support for different Australian time zones for scheduled SMS.

    The new 100% SMS Delivery Guarantee is now live! If your SMS doesn't deliver, you'll now be automatically refunded (in 2-3 business days).

    13/05/2021 - v1.6.21

    The new Bulk SMS pricing & SMS credits system is now live!
    You can now purchase 10x, 25x, 50x & 100x SMS units at discounted rates.

    Sign-up for free today to access this feature!

    11/05/2021 - v1.5.1

    This release includes a completely revised pricing structure to allow for the new SMS credits & bulk purchasing feature, coming soon.

    The new pricing is effective immediately and follows the 1 SMS credit = 160 characters = $1 structure.
    Transaction fees are now also calculated separately from the SMS cost.

    01/03/2021 - v1.5.0

    Added the new free test SMS feature for customers to trial the service.

    10/03/2021 - Send Anonymous v1.4.4 is live!

    Our latest version of Send Anonymous is now live, here are some of the new features:

    • Free user registration!
    • Store frequent contacts in your own address book for faster processing
    • Accounts page allows you to see the SMS delivery status for all of your anonymous messages.
    • Send anonymous SMS from your own custom name (your business name, etc).
    • Store your credit card for faster & easier processing.
    • Delete your credit card whenever you like.
    • Download tax invoices for all of your sent anonymous SMS messages.
    • Improved handling multiple recipient SMS messages

    Business SMS customers!

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