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    Send an Anonymous SMS Text Message to any United Kingdom mobile.

    Send an anonymous SMS text message United Kingdom wide!

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    • You can now purchase credit blocks for anonymous SMS & emails using the digital currencies: XRP, BTC, SHIB, ETC, ADA, LTC, TRX, BNB, DOGE, USDT, BCH, XNO, BTCV, XLM, EOS and VET.
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    • SMS Replies forwarded to your email address!
    • No registration required to send a message to the UK.
    • SMS Delivery 100% GUARANTEED! *
    • Rarely some SMS do fail to deliver, usually this is due to an incorrect mobile number or the recipient has disconnected their mobile service... no worries!
      The system notifies us & we automatically refund to you within 2-3 business days! You don't even need to ask us...
    • Discounted bulk SMS pricing!
    • Track live delivery of your anonymous SMS
    • Your privacy is guaranteed, when sending an anonymous SMS.
    • Send to up to 100 recipients at once.
    • 100% Australian made & owned SMS message service

    Sign up for a Free Account to let you:

    • Send SMS messages from your own custom business name!
      (business use only, ABN & verified business email required)
    • Custom size bulk credit packs! (members only)
    • See delivery status for all of your messages in one place
    • Store frequent contacts in your address book for quick sending
    We currently support sending to a maximum of 100 mobile numbers at a time.
    Messages with more than 10 recipients are verified manually before transmitting.
    Seperate multiple numbers with a comma, each SMS is sent individually, not as a group message.

    Make sure to put a space after the end of every sentence, not like.this

    If not our security system may think you're sending a website link or an email address; then your message will need manual verification by us.

    Manual verificaiton is very fast during business hours (typically under 5-10 minutes), although may be delayed overnight in Australian time.

    We manually verify all messages with more than 10 recipients.

    We do not approve URL short codes as URL's can be re-targeted to unsafe web addresses.

    We also do not approve messages designed to extort, bribe, harrass or ransom any other individual.

    NOTE: Website links and email addresses are great for your business and welcome here! Although we need to verify that they're not dangerous or malicious. See our acceptable use policy.

    Enter your email address if you'd like to receive an email confirming that your SMS has been delivered successfully.

    If you'd like to schedule an SMS, please select the correct time zone where the recipient is located.

    You can set your own sender name from the drop downlist, or for business use set your own custom name to send from.

    This sets who your SMS text message appears to come from, see the preview after you've selected yours.

    register & login to apply for a business custom send name.

    Your SMS will send from a random local mobile number.
    SMS message replies are sent to your email address that you can enter in the "OPTIONAL: Delivery confirmation email address" section above.

    Replies are not currently supported to the UK.

    You can send messages using the listed name options, although the recipient won't be able to reply.

    It's not possible to reply to messages from names like "Santa, Amigo, etc".

    Send a test message

    Use this feature to send a free SMS test message to yourself, to see how our system works and what an Anonymous SMS from us looks like.

    We recommend using this tool to send a test SMS to yourself; not to who you are intending on sending an anonymous SMS message too.

    The test message sent will read:

    "'This is a test anonymous SMS message!

    You've received this message as your number was entered to receive a test SMS message."

    Anonymous SMS & MMS Pricing Structure

    SMS Pricing

    SMS Credits are used at a rate of 1 credit per 160 characters.

    i.e. if your SMS message is 100 characters it will use 1 unit; for 200 characters and it will use 2 SMS units, etc.

    • $1.00 GST inc. 1 x SMS Unit (globally)

    MMS Pricing

    Sorry, although MMS is currently unavailable.

    SMS Credit Packs

    You can now purchase SMS credits in bulk for discounted pricing.. These can be used for both SMS & MMS services.

    • $9 GST inc.10 x SMS Units, 0.90c each 10% discount!
    • $20 GST inc.25 x SMS Units, 0.80c each 20% discount!
    • $35 GST inc.50 x SMS Units, 0.70c each 30% discount!
    • $50 GST inc.75 x SMS Units, 0.67c each 33% discount!
    • $60 GST inc.100 x SMS Units, 0.60c each 40% discount!

    To use this feature register & login and then visit the SMS Credits page.

    All online payments incur a small processing fee (0.30c + 2.5% ex GST.).
    Buying in bulk saves you from paying multiple transaction fees.

    For business clients with special pricing or larger volumes needs Contact us, we can program our software to suit you!

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: by sending an anonymous message using our website you automatically accept and agree to our terms of service.

    Terms of service & legal disclaimer

    Use of this service is in accordance with the following rules.

    • You are solely and exclusively legally & personally responsible for the content that you send to any person or organisation using this site.
    • This service is provided 'as is' with no warranties for any component of this service; and this website accepts no liability for your use or misuse of this service.
    • Your privacy is important to us and your information will never by disclosed to any 3rd party; with exception to where we are required by a court of law, legal proceedings; or at the request of state or federal Police departments or law enforcement agencies.
    • We explicitly reserve the legal right to determine when it is appropriate to disclose information to any 3rd party; and the ability to do so accordingly.
    • Outside of situations in which we are legally compelled, we don't disclose information about any sent messages from this service to any 3rd party, although we reserve the right to do so.
    • Abuse is not accepted or tolerated on this site, be kind to people. Any kind of abuse, spam, harrasment, bullying or unsolicited content is a violation of these terms of service.
    • The SMS "100% Delivery Guarantee" is limited to where our wholesale distribution service has indicated to us that the message has failed to be delivered successfully.
    • You must use this service in full accordance with all appropriate laws; details regarding any illegal activity will be forwarded to law enforcement agencies.
    • Using telecommunication services to harass or bully any individual is a criminal offence under Australian law, please treat people with respect.
    • Any misuse or abuse of the platform such as, but not limited to, sending spam, scam or harassment messages removes all claim to any refund from our system.
    • Your use or misuse of this service completely and entirely releases Send Anonymous from any civil or legal claim, in any way shape or form. We accept no responsibility for any of your actions under any circumstances.
    • Cryptocurrency can be used for purchasing credit blocks only, not for direct purchase of SMS or email services. Due to the nature of the technology no refunds are available for Crypto purchases at this stage. The 100% SMS delivery guarantee still applies, failed messages give you additional credit on your credit block.
    • This website is not designed to be a forum for illegal activity; we openly & actively communicate with members of Police enforcement agencies.

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    After you process your payment a link will appear to 'track live delivery' of your SMS. Click that link for real time SMS delivery updates.

    Pay with Crypto Currency

    Cryptocurrency is now supported on SendAnonymous.
    To purchase a credit block please login, then go to the Credit Blocks page.

    Pay with Credit Card

    Enter your credit card details below to process a payment via Visa or Mastercard

    Our credit card payments gateway is provided by Stripe and is 100% secure, safe to use and PCI-DSS compliant.

    No credit card information is stored on our server when you send an anonymous message.

    Pay with PayPal and Send

    If you pay with PayPal make sure to click the 'Return to Sellers Website' button to see the 'live tracking' feature, after you complete your payment.


    Preview image Type your message into the preview area.

    Anonymous SMS text messages to the UK.

    Safe SMS texting, anonymously within the UK

    Send an SMS message anonymously to anyone in the UK. This could be a prank with a friend, a surprise for a loved one on a special day or something more personal.

    Simply compose your message, enter the recipients mobile number, and press 'Preview SMS Message'. If your happy with the preview, click send for an instant delivery!

    How anonymous SMS text messaging works

    Anonymous text messaging to the UK is very easy to do.

    No registration is required to send an anonymous SMS message. Simply fill in the phone number and message, preview and press send!
    We will send your SMS message safely and anonymously, on your behalf.

    Tips for staying anonymous when sending an anonymous SMS text message

    • Don't write details such as your name or number in an anonymous text, otherwise you might reveal your identity accidentally.
    • Use a private window or incognito mode when visiting this site so that it's not in your internet history (or delete your history afterwards).
    • This website is mobile phone friendly, so you can use it from there instead if you prefer.
    • If you pay using PayPal, after you send your anonymous SMS text message you will receive a 'success' notification email to your PayPal email address.
    • We recommend deleting that email and your PayPal payment notification after you're done (also check your junk mail folder)

    Sending an anonymous SMS text message within Australia, the UK or Mexico is incredibly easy to do and we thank you for using our service to help you do it.

    Business SMS customers!

    Please contact us to see how we can help you with your anonymous or business white label SMS needs!
    We can tailor our software to your specific needs.