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Any questions we receive we try to post here, to avoid answering the same questions multiple times.

  • Q: Does this service actually work?!

    YES! We work hard to keep this service active if a feature is offline we'll have a status notice up for it.

    If you find something that doesn't work, please let us know and we'll fix it.

  • Q: My friend is receiving unwanted contact, can you please help me track them down?

    We sincerely apologise that you're experiencing this, although we do not disclose information to any 3rd party regarding anyone who has or hasn't used this service previously. (please read the terms & conditions on this page)

    We have a free opt-out tool available on the contact page, which will help you to stop any further issues.

    If you contact us requesting personal information regarding any 3rd party, we simply do not reply. It's not an 'open for discussion' matter, regardless of the circumstances you're facing.

    If you are experiencing harrasment or bullying from an individual, we recommend you contact the Police and where appropriate lodge an officialy investigation into issues relating to harrassment, bullying, etc. We communicate with the Police as required, providing information for lodged investigations.

  • Q: We need assurance this SMS will not be traced as per the guidelines we read before sending, can you assure this sms will bot be traced?

    Yes, we never under any circumstances disclose information about any SMS messages sent from this website to any 3rd party.

    This is with exception to legal matters where we are required with state & federal Police authorities.

    This is not a forum for illegal activities and we will openly and actively communicate with the Police on any message(s) sent through this site.

  • Q: If I use the SA Shared Number option with my email address to forward any replies to, will the recipient be able to find out my email address?

    No, your email address is not associated with the actual SMS that is sent.

    Any SMS replies are forwarded to our server, which we then (only on our server) associate with your email address, we then forward the reply to your email from our email address.

    In short, no there is no way for the recipient to discover your email address from the SMS that was sent, unless you write it in the message body.

  • Q: I have a serious matter in which the Police are involved & investigating

    Send Anonymous isn't a forum for harrasment and/or bullying; or illegal activity.

    We openly communicate with state & federal Police when required and do not condone this behaviour on our site.

    For Police and law enforcement matters, communication needs to come via the investigating officer using the contact page.

    Please include the recipients phone number so that we can investigate on your behalf.

  • If your question isn't answered, please contact us via the contact page and we'll answer it; then add it to the FAQ! Thank you

  • Terms of service & legal disclaimer

    Use of this service is in accordance with the following rules.

    • You are solely & exclusively legally & personally responsible for the content (text & images) that you send to any person or organisation using this site.
    • We accept no responsibility for any images or content uploaded to this website, under any circumstances; and we reserve the right to send any/all details & information for content that is illegal or inappropriate to relevant authorities.
    • This service is provided 'as is' with no warranties for any component of this service; and this website accepts no liability for your use of this service.
    • Your privacy is important to us and your information will never by disclosed to any 3rd party; with exception to where we are required by a court of law, legal proceedings; or at the request of state or federal Police departments or law enforcement agencies.
    • We explicitly reserve the legal right to determine when it is appropriate to disclose information to any 3rd party; and the ability to do so accordingly.
    • Outside of situations in which we are legally compelled, we don't disclose information about any sent messages from this service to any 3rd party, although we reserve the right to do so.
    • Abuse is not accepted or tolerated on this site, be kind to people. Any kind of abuse, spam, harrasment, bullying or unsolicited content is a violation of these terms of service.
    • The SMS "100% Delivery Guarantee" is limited to where our wholesale distribution service has indicated to us that the message has failed to be delivered successfully.
    • You must use this service in full accordance with all appropriate laws; details regarding any illegal activity will be forwarded to law enforcement agencies.
    • Using telecommunication services to harass or bully any individual is a criminal offence under Australian law, please treat people with respect.
    • Any misuse or abuse of the platform such as, but not limited to, sending spam, scam or harassment messages removes your claim to a refund from our system, under the 100% SMS delivery guarantee.
    • Your use of this service completely and entirely releases Send Anonymous from any civil or legal claim, in any way shape or form.
    • Cryptocurrency can be used for purchasing credit blocks only, not for direct purchase of SMS or email services. Due to the nature of the technology no refunds are available for Crypto purchases at this stage.
    • The 100% SMS delivery guarantee applies for credit blocks; we apply additional bonus credit for failed messages paid for with your credit block.
    • We reserve the right to remove, without notice and without warranty any content, including SMS attachment images or PDF's, at our discretion, in the interests of user safety.
    • This website is not designed to be a forum for illegal activity; we openly & actively communicate with members of Police & enforcement agencies when appropriate.