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    Send an Anonymous Email

    This service sends an email from the email address "Send Anonymous <[email protected]>"

    The recipient of your anonymous email may reply to your email twice from our website.
    When a reply is received to one of your anonymous emails, it is forwarded to you as an email at your own email address.
    Your email address is never visible to the recipient in this process

    Any photos that you send have ALL personal information automatically stripped from them (GPS, Camera Data, Creation Data, etc.).

    Names are not supported, only use plain text email addresses.
    Seperate multiple email recipients with a comma, i.e. "[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]".

    NOTE: This should be your email address, not the recipients!

    This email address is invisible to the recipient, it is for you to receive notifications when your email is opened and for receiving replies, if the recipient sends a reply message.

    If you provide your email here, we will automatically forward you a copy of any replies and if the message has been opened.

    NOTE: Only .JPG, .PNG & .PDF files are accepted, max file size 10mb.

    All image uploads are compressed & stripped of all EXIF/META data, so information like GPS data and camera information is always removed.

    Email Preview


    Subject line:

    Email body:

    This is the full email as it will appear to the recipient, including the "message starts here" and "message ends here" markers, the content before & after them... right down to the closing Send Anonymous logo.

    File Attachment:

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    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: by sending an anonymous message using our website you automatically accept and agree to our terms of service.

    Terms of service & legal disclaimer

    Use of this service is in accordance with the following rules.

    • You are solely and exclusively legally & personally responsible for the content that you send to any person or organisation using this site.
    • This service is provided 'as is' with no warranties for any component of this service; and this website accepts no liability for your use or misuse of this service.
    • Your privacy is important to us and your information will never by disclosed to any 3rd party; with exception to where we are required by a court of law, legal proceedings; or at the request of state or federal Police departments or law enforcement agencies.
    • We explicitly reserve the legal right to determine when it is appropriate to disclose information to any 3rd party; and the ability to do so accordingly.
    • Outside of situations in which we are legally compelled, we don't disclose information about any sent messages from this service to any 3rd party, although we reserve the right to do so.
    • Abuse is not accepted or tolerated on this site, be kind to people. Any kind of abuse, spam, harrasment, bullying or unsolicited content is a violation of these terms of service.
    • The SMS "100% Delivery Guarantee" is limited to where our wholesale distribution service has indicated to us that the message has failed to be delivered successfully.
    • You must use this service in full accordance with all appropriate laws; details regarding any illegal activity will be forwarded to law enforcement agencies.
    • Using telecommunication services to harass or bully any individual is a criminal offence under Australian law, please treat people with respect.
    • Any misuse or abuse of the platform such as, but not limited to, sending spam, scam or harassment messages removes all claim to any refund from our system.
    • Your use or misuse of this service completely and entirely releases Send Anonymous from any civil or legal claim, in any way shape or form. We accept no responsibility for any of your actions under any circumstances.
    • Cryptocurrency can be used for purchasing credit blocks only, not for direct purchase of SMS or email services. Due to the nature of the technology no refunds are available for Crypto purchases at this stage. The 100% SMS delivery guarantee still applies, failed messages give you additional credit on your credit block.
    • This website is not designed to be a forum for illegal activity; we openly & actively communicate with members of Police enforcement agencies.

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