• Send an anonymous SMS text message
  • Sending Links Unavailable

    15/9/21 3:40pm - Hi everyone, outside of the below issues, everything is working correctly, thanks! :-)

    • Sending website links or email addresses in messages currently fails
      (if you want to try to send an email address, write it with the word at instead of the @ symbol and leave spaces where the dots are, etc). i.e. user at gmail com
    • Delayed (scheduled) messages are temporarily disabled due to a delivery issue.


    Send an anonymous SMS message

    Registration is completely free and gives you the ability to:

    • See delivery status for all of your messages
    • Manually view or delete messages yourself
    • Download tax invoices for your transactions
    • Send anonymous SMS from your own custom business name!
    • If you need a feature, please contact us and I can write it for you.

    User Registration

    User registration is free and gives you access to more advanced features.

    NOTE: If you want to request a custom sender name, please register using your business email address.


    Business SMS customers!

    Please contact us to see how we can help you with your anonymous or business white label SMS needs!
    We can tailor our software to your specific needs.